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Are Rolling papers bad???

Common Questions and Answers about Effects of smoking paper

❶Eating computer paper is not injurious to your health but since human digestive system can't digest cellulose fiber main ingredient of paper , it will not provide any calorific value. Naturally, we are less strict regarding the removal of text posts.

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Most rolling paper is made of rice or similar. I've seen clear ones made of pure cellulose. Anything organic carbon containing that burns has cancer potential. Leaves, wood, you name it. In this case, there's not many types of paper you could roll a J with that would create more carcinogen than the bud itself.

He may have misread some information which led to his fear Did you know rocks emit radiation? DRybes , Dec 6, The rocks emiting radiation thing is cool. A person who sleeps in a basement get the same amount of radiation as someone who works in the core of a nuclear power plant.

I learned that because they were gonna put a nuclear plant in my town cause there is huge need for power right now. Blackwolf , Dec 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Quit Smoking in Less than 7 Days - http: How in the world do you smoke paper AND why in the world would you want to. I think smoking in general is bad So don't smoke it. For the best answers, search on this site https: It's worse than smoking a cigarette. I didn't even know you could do such a thing. I bet it is bad for your health. I wouldn't try it again. Related Questions Is smoking paper bad?

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just stop trust me! smoke inhillation is just bad and why are u smoking paper anyways thats just dumb their is nothing fun about it. if it calmes u down or something its not the paper its just the fact that your repeatidly inhaling and exhaling. but dont do it its just bad and lame:p im not saying ur lame:) but theirs nuthin cool about it.

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Smoking anything is bad for you, whether it’s paper, grapevine, tobacco, methamphetamine, or anything in between, because you are inhaling toxic organic compounds into your lungs.

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Jun 30,  · I wanted to try smoking paper as a joke and I only did two puffs but it was really fun and I wanna do it again, is smoking plain white paper bad for u? If u only do like 4 puffs a day?Status: Open. While smoking paper is not as hazardous as smoking tobacco, any type of smoke inhalation is still unhealthy. Smoking paper with ink or other chemicals on it is more hazardous than smoking untreated paper. Regular paper lacks the addictive and cancer-causing properties of conventional tobacco, making.

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The paper is designed expressly for use as a smoking product. Some manufacturers include wood fiber or cellulose while others expressly avoid wood and bleached products Recycled or plain paper is generally made from wood pulp and higher grade paper . Is it bad to smoke a blank piece of paper? Inhaling smoke from any source damages the lung tissue. The exactmaterial being burned will determine the type of damage and theability of the tissue to recover.